Ellie and our family are so grateful for your understanding, prayers and encouragement in regard to the loss of our daughter Mary.

It has been just over 3 months since her death and there are days that still really sting. Yet we are committed to healing and becoming better because of our loss. This is easier said than done. People sometimes wonder if they should bring Mary up - it is hard either way, so do what you feel is in your heart.

As you know we wanted to honor Mary by doing something in her memory that would bring joy to others. We found The Common Ground Playground in Mason and did a fundraiser with a huge goal of reaching 100k.

So many clients, friends, colleagues and family stepped up and gave large and small. Every gift felt like a huge act of love and brought us so much comfort. Over 130 people made gifts from 15 states, for a total of $110,000. Mason officials said they’ve never seen anything like it. They want to find a time to meet with Ellie and me to figure out how to best honor her.


For those that hadn’t had chance to look at this project, here is the link:

Thank you beyond all words.

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Scheeler Financial Mission

"We are committed to working with high-performing executives and business owners to help align your current financial picture with your future financial goals by performing a comprehensive financial plan. Our team helps you understand the complexity of issues faced by successful individuals like you and the importance of having a holistic financial plan. “

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“We're grateful to be working with you. Your integrity, proficiency, and seamless translation of complex concepts and products into terms we can understand are invaluable. you make it very easy to recommend you. Have a great weekend.” – Mike M., March 11th, 2017

“It was great talking to you today! Thanks for all you do for me and my family!” – Executive at Delmonte

“At first, I was concerned that there would be a constant insurance sell, but it hasn't been like that at all. I appreciate how on top of the numbers you are, and as a result, I have more confidence that we are in great shape for the long-term. You and your team are all over it.” – Executive at Kao

“You not only understood what I said, but what I meant. I interviewed many other advisors and none did this. You are very responsive, give me regular communication, and I like the quarterly meetings!” – Retired Kraft Executive

“We have a great working relationship. I like that we discuss consistently and I feel more prepared and strategic than I had in the past with my previous advisor.” – Executive at Paycor


We start by acquiring a deep understanding of you, your priorities, values and goals. We then build a customized, comprehensive financial and cash-flow plan while exploring alternative solutions. We then test your plan against varying market conditions, premature death, disability and a long-term care event. We summarize findings, observations and recommendations. We then work closely together to implement your plan using world-class investment and insurance strategies. Once implemented, we meet on a regular basis and provide proactive service.

5 Steps to Financial Clarity and Security

Investment Planning

A solid investment plan starts with a financial plan and the right mentality. Once we know your goals, we determine the ideal asset allocations, and screen for investment solutions with proven track records. We monitor our selections continuously, rebalance regularly, and mitigate taxes vigorously. 

Insurance Planning

Insurance properly implemented can help insulate a family from the devastating effects that a loss of income causes. It can also be leveraged using sophisticated strategies to reduce estate taxes. While having exclusive access to Northwestern Mutual, our team has access to other industry solutions.


Closely Held Business Owners

Creating plans to leverage retained earnings in a tax efficient way to attract, retain and incentivize key employees, as well as create customized strategies for the owner(s). Additionally, we help with funding buy-sell arrangements, protecting against the loss of key employees, improving retention, creating a succession plan, group benefits, qualified and non-qualified plans. Many of our best clients find 401(k)s insufficient to meet their goals and are looking for tax advantageous alternatives to enhance their balance sheets while positioning themselves for retirement income.


We work with executives to help them organize their streams of income, expenses and balance sheets by building a cash flow strategy for stock options, RSUs, bonuses, deferred compensation and income to balance today's desires with tomorrow's goals. We integrate this into a comprehensive financial, investment and insurance plan that also includes planning for college and retirement funding along with legacy goals.

Retirement Planning

While retirement means something different to each person, a common thread of most retirees is to maximize income, while maintaining certainty of not running out. Many also desire to leave a legacy. Retirees also want to be protected against the impact of market volatility and health care expense. We specialize in helping clients prepare for all aspects of retirement while taking into account all six risks of retirement planning – Longevity, Market Volatility, Inflation, Taxes, Health/Long-term Care, and Leaving a Legacy.

Special Needs Planning

Many families have loved ones that need an added layer of planning. We specialize in creating plans that allow you to maximize benefits, keep flexibility and protect assets.

Business Planning

Scheeler Financial works with business owners throughout all stages of the business life cycle. From start-up to succession, our experienced financial professionals, specialists and advanced planning attorneys will help you build and implement the drivers that can create, grow and protect your business's value.

Brain on Finance

Reducing The Stress of Investing: Thinking about important financial decisions doesn't just stress people out — it actually affects their brain function. Neuroscience shows what financial stress does to the brain. The good news? When people get a little assistance while making financial decisions, their brains actually relax, concentrate and make more effective choices. Click to find out more.



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